LMT group brings you a partner ecosystem built to deliver superior business value based on best in class technology.

We work hand-in-hand with selected world-class organizations in software applications, infrastructure and consulting to strengthen our portfolio in consulting, solutions and services. Leveraging the abilities of these industry leaders allow us to concentrate on our goal of adding growth to our customers’ businesses. Through a complete and intelligent integration of partner product based solutions and services we underpin and complement our own key strengths to maximize your productivity.

If you are looking for a partner that can return business value by delivering on the product promise, look no further. Your business technologists have both business insight and IT expertise like no system integrator in the market.

Our partnership program is organized according to the type of collaboration expected by our clients:

LMT Alliance Partners

Technology Alliance Partner Programme enables partners to develop and deliver proven solutions by providing tools and resources to test, integrate and package joint products.

LMT Reseller Partners

The LMT Reseller Partner Program support companies on finding, negotiating and supervising resellers from other countries maximizing the business associated to the products and services offered.

LMT Cross-Business Partners

The LMT Cross-business Partner Program helps entities on finding the best cross-business opportunities and partners, developing the corresponding actions and monitoring the results.