Provides a global overview of the main topics and areas related to Research, Development and Innovation.


Present some of the most relevant projects funded by the European Commission or by other public organisms, to demonstrate or capacity and to exemplify the kind of projects in which we would help you to participate.


Present our capabilities and professional services (consultancy, development, management, optimization and training) that would support your company on exploiting the ICT services. They are organized between four main areas:

                        – R&D&I

                        – Management Technology and Cloud Computing

                        – Market expansion

                        – Education


Present the opportunity to use different cloud solutions to the management of your business in different contexts (B2B, B2C, B2G and internal management).

About Us

Introduces our vision, values and team.


If your company is looking for new profitable business opportunities, join our partnership network, divided into 3 programmes:

                        – LMT Alliance Partners

                        – LMT Reseller Partners

                        – LMT Cross-Business Partners


 Brings forward the latest news and events, especially the coming funding opportunities, services and products to your company.


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Customer/Partner Area

            Access to our Intranet with tools, documents and solutions specific to our clients and partners.

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