Our extensive knowledge allows us to provide innovative solutions, specially designed to help organizations to achieve higher efficiency standards on their daily operations and business targets. 

Our group is focused on the use of cloud platforms and tools compliant with consolidated standards to guarantee secure communication between companies, public administration and citizens. In each of our projects we analyse the current technology to propose and implement innovative software tools adapted to the needs of our clients.

Our solutions exploit several areas:








Internet of Things


Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


Communications, Data Centers and Management Applications

How do we promote our solutions and services?



A company culture based on continuous and constant innovation with a methodological focus that promotes the technical excellence.



Speed and flexibility in responding to the customer’s needs, thanks to an effective management of the human resources of our company.



Working procedures closely developed with market leaders and a solid and strong knowledge base in the State of the Art technologies supported by Cloud Computing and Integration Brokerage solutions.


Development & Implementation








LMT is a company with broad experience in providing innovative software solutions and technical assistance to customers according to their requirements.

R&D&I – Research, Development and Innovation

Research and development (R&D)


Research and development (R&D) is a valuable tool for growing and improving your business. R&D involves a research of your market and customer needs, as well as developing new and improved products and services to fit these needs. Businesses which have an R&D strategy have a greater chance of success than businesses that do not have this approach.

An R&D strategy offers innovation and increases business’ productivity. In this sense, it can boost your business’ competitive advantage, taking also advantage of national and European funding programmes.

Innovation in your business


R&D can lead to innovations in your business. These may be in terms of new products and services, improved processes and new ways to interact with your customers. These innovations can result in greater profits and lower costs. Innovation is also a useful direction to grow your business.

Many businesses want to innovate but do not know how to proceed. They often see it as too hard, too expensive, or too time-consuming. However, taking advantage of available funding and mentoring support could save your business valuable time and money, and streamline the innovation process.

Why R&D&I is important?


  1. Crucial for survival
  2. Fast changing environment
  3. Continuous technology change
  4. Competition
  5. Changing consumer preferences, trends, needs
  6. Fundamental to “marketing”
  7. Use the funding aids available
  8. Understanding what markets need
  9. Selling what is possible to make in terms of technology
  10. Efficient production processes

The R&D&I department provides expertise on research, development and innovation management with a large international experience on ICT projects developed by our team. Our services are related both to the international funding management and to the whole project design and development.

Internationally funded projects

Our experts have a large experience on searching and managing international funding aids, both at regional, national and European level. The services include:

  • Defining the roadmap of applications for funding.
  • Project proposals presentation, including the concept definition according to the funding programme priorities. Find partners and prepare all the documents required.
  • Preparation of application and justification reports.
  • Preparation of reports to the tax deduction of R&D&I.
  • Management certifications and reports.

Partners search and management

Our partnership programme that includes ICT service providers, customers from different sectors interested on cross-business collaboration, and our know-how, are the base to find and manage international partners of your projects.

Project management

Additionally to the funding and partners finding, our group supports your company in all the steps related to a R&D&I development:

  • Ideation and definition of the project’s concept.
  • Project design according to the objectives and available resources.
  • Coordination and management of the project.
  • Development of cost-benefit models.
  • Development of the roadmap implementation.

Management Technology and Cloud Computing

The LMT Group is specially focused on the use of the best ICT cloud services available around the world to empower our client’s potential. Our R&D department has a dynamic know-how of technology management both to adopt existing tools and to develop new solutions according to our customers needs. Our services include:

  • Consultancy
  • Software development and quality evaluation
  • System monitoring and management
  • Optimization
  • Human resources training and assessment

Implementation of cloud-based business models

The objective is to implement innovative cloud-based business models at a strategic level. Partnerships with ISVs (independent software vendor) on the basis of IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS provision models are expected to generate an extensive use of the cloud and to explore various distribution channels. Our experts provide great customer support to use consolidated cloud solutions, ranging from highly strategic to operating subjects, as well as completing the project with the guarantee of quality.

In this sense, the cloud solutions are used from several perspectives:

Market expansion

One path an organization might take to increase its revenue is to expand vertically (i.e. taking an existing product or service into a new market).

Often, a vertical extension can be justified by the stagnation within the company’s current market, flat-lining market share, or by the need to keep pace with competitors that are aggressively pursuing new opportunities. Ultimately, successful companies consistently look beyond their current markets for new growth opportunities. Vertical markets are a compelling path to those desired, and always elusive, new wells of revenue.


Our group has a department exclusively dedicated to the Educational sector. It is composed by expert programmers, researchers, associated educators, consultors and associated companies with over a decade of experience in this sector. Our experts have a large experience on introducing technology in the daily life of any teaching and learning process. Our team had also developed several R&D&I projects within the Educational Technology area and funded by the European Commission. In this sense, LMT Group makes clear and practical contributions to 21st century learning. Examples include:

  • Digital learning and collaborative environments for teachers and students
  • Smart online examination systems
  • Digital content management for media-rich libraries
  • Student information and educational logistic systems
  • Campus identity, security and risk management
  • International best practice and innovative engagement models

LMT is your end to end education IT partner, helping educators to use technology to open up new opportunities, while reducing costs and risks. Working with LMT enables educators to focus on their core concerns, knowing that their technology will always be affordable and relevant, supporting their own future vision at all times. As business technologists, we want shared learning to be the basis of any educational partnership. LMT 21st century education vision helps educational bodies to face the challenges of today and tomorrow with confidence

Our E-learning solutions and services include: