New eInvoicing call 2018-2

New eInvoicing call 2018-2

New eInvoicing call 2018-2

May 3rd, 2018

The European Commission launches through its CEF Telecom Programme  a new call proposal for eInvoicing (CEF-TC-2018-2). Are you interested in participating? Please, keep reading to discover more about our CEF eInvoicing and eDelivery projects funded by the European Commission and the opportunity to join our consortium.

The call aims to facilitate the implementation of the European Standard on electronic invoicing (EN) by supporting the adoption of the eInvoicing solutions by public and private entities for the cross-border transactions according to the Directive 2014/55/EU. This action has a significant importance since by 18th April 2019, all the public administrations in the EU must comply with the new standard to receive and process electronic invoices.

Our CEF projects are build on our experience with our 7  previous CEF projects approved and funded by the European Commission, concretely three of them are eInvocing projects: POOL-TSPs, FACe and GOVEIN. All these projects were developed under competitive calls with powerful international consortiums composed by important private and public entities.

In this sense, we invite you to participate in the next eInvoicing project proposal which would be presented this year. Additionally, we are also preparing an eDelivery proposal, based on integrating the AS4 protocol in the PEPPOL Access Point.

The main objectives of the proposal are to uptake the invoicing solutions compliant with the EN and update the existing eInvoicing solutions to the European Standard. It is a competitive call with an indicative funding budget of €5 million. The European Commission covers up to 75% of the action’s implementation costs.

The large adoption of the electronic invoicing by European public and private entities leads to significant benefits and outcomes, such as:

  • easier business relationships with public administrations.
  • helps to protect the environment, by replacing the physical paper with a digital form. Thus,  allowing to handle and archive them more efficiently.
  • removing manual work of reviewing and entering the invoice information into an AP system. It reduces errors in data and provides savings in human resources.

All these actions, among others, will result in an increased European business competitiveness.

Interested in submitting a grant proposal? Please, contact us to have further information and clarification about this call and how to become a member of our consortium, taking into account that the submission deadline is 18th September 2018.

For more information about this eInvoicing call, click here.

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