EURINV19 final tests (demo meeting 1)

EURINV19 final tests (demo meeting 1)

As the end of the EURINV19 action approaches, the partners of the Consortium continue working intensively to complete the different activities and tasks of the project.  

In fact, we can announce that a first group of partners has already successfully passed the CEF eInvoicing Conformance tests and the interoperability tests, they are now completing their individual implementation reports with all the information and outcomes obtained in the implementation and tests. In this sense, a demo meeting with HaDEA and these partners is expected to take place in the next week, in order to inform about  the interoperability results and the technical reports completed. These first implementations correspond to Crediflow (Sweden), Transalis (UK), Easy Systems (Netherland) and Tatra Billing (Slovakia) supported by SATA (Italy).

Additionally, we must also highlight that a second group of partners is currently organising the interoperability tests and reporting the results. These implementations will be completed in June and correspond to Qvalia (Sweden), Trinity College (Ireland), Carrefour (France) supported by Generix (France) and Althea (UK) supported by Elcom (UK).  

Coordinated by Universitat de València (Spain) and technically supported by LMT Group (Spain), EURINV19 (Adopting the European Standard by using consolidated eInvoicing cloud platforms) is a project co-financed by the European Commission through HaDEA and the CEF Telecom program (2019‐EU‐IA‐0037) that aims to update the eInvoicing cloud platforms of 5 relevant EDI providers to be fully compliant with the European eInvoicing standard (EN 16931); and also supporting the implementation of EN conformant eInvoicing solutions for 4 end-users, namely Trinity College, Tatra Billing, Carrefour and Althea.

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