eID4Spain - Connecting Regional and Local Administrations...

Co-financed by the European Commission (CEF eIdentification 2018)

eID4Spain – Connecting Regional and Local Administrations to Spanish eIDAS node

eID4Spain – Connecting Regional and Local Administrations to the Spanish eIDAS node

Download the eID4Spain informative leaflet here.

The Action’s objective is to connect public e-services provided by 4 Spanish local and regional administrations (Junta de Extremadura, Diputación de Ciudad Real, Diputació de València and Ayuntamiento de Rivas Vaciamadrid) to the Spanish eIDAS node via Cl@ve 2.0 in order to enable cross-border authentication in line with the eIDAS Regulation.
By the end of the action, this e-services offered by these 4 Spanish authorities will be made available in production environment for cross- border authentication (via eIDAS). Furthermore, all participants will disseminate the Action by presenting the results reached in their e-government portals to other national and European public entities.
The Action is built on the results of the CEF Action 2015-ES-IA-0087, which set up the link between Cl@ve and the eIDAS node. It will support Spain in meeting the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation and will facilitate access to Spanish public e-services for all EU citizens and businesses using their national eID, ensuring cross-border mobility and supporting the Digital Single Market. The project is co-financed by the European Commission through its eInvoicing call from 2018 CEF Telecom Call – eIdentification & eSignature (CEF-TC-2018-1).


  1. Universitat de València (UVEG), Spain (Coordinating Institution)
  2. Leading Management Technology S.L. (LMT), Spain
  3. Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), Spain
  4. Junta de Extremadura (JE), Spain
  5. Diputación Provincial de Ciudad Real (DCR), Spain
  6. Diputació de València (DV), Spain
  7. Guadaltel S.A. (Guadaltel), Spain
  8. Ayuntamiento de Rivas Vaciamadrid (ARV), Spain


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