Start of the interoperability tests of the POOL-TSPs project

Start of the interoperability tests of the POOL-TSPs project

May 13th 2019.

Next May 15th the Interoperability tests of the POOL-TSPs project will begin. This interoperability tests will allow the compliance of the electronic invoicing transfer standards in accordance with the European Regulations, guaranteeing the correct functioning of the Access Points developed in a production environment.

For interoperability tests, the Access Points must, at least, verify that their systems are capable of sending and receiving electronic invoices between at least five other members of its consortium. To fulfill this objective, the project coordinator Universitat de València, in collaboration with LMT Group, have schedule the establishment of pairs of entities that will alternate in the role of transmitters and receivers.

This work plan will contain the program of cooperation meetings between the consortium members. It is expected to successfully finish the POOL-TSPs interoperability tests in four weeks from the aforementioned date, guaranteeing the correct operation of the Access Points before the completion date of the project, next June 30th 2019.

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