Unimaze establishes a Central Validation Service for the ICELAND-INV18 consortium

Unimaze establishes a Central Validation Service for the ICELAND-INV18 consortium

As the ICELAND-INV18 (Uptaking the EN eInvoicing by authorities in ICELAND) project progresses, different tasks set up by the participants are moving forward. For this task, it was Unimaze, in collaboration with LMT Group and UVEG (Project Coordinator), set up a Central Validation Service that will be used by the Icelandic participant institutions. What does this mean? This validation service is a web tool where the Icelandic participants of this project, plus any other provider or institution, will be able to validate their EN-compliant electronic invoices. 

The tool has been set up in both Icelandic and English, in order to offer it as an option for providers from Iceland and also from other EU countries which aspire to have cross-border transactions with Icelandic entities or businesses. Unimaze used both their eInvoicing expertise and other free sources in order to create this tool, also being in charge of testing it and always working in collaboration with the whole consortium, including LMT Group.

After the set up of this tool, the beneficiaries are ready to start the technical implementation of the project, which will be supported by the previous tasks such as the legal analysis and the Central Validation Service. 

To know more about ICELAND-INV18 (action co-funded by the European Commission with action number 2018-EU-IA-0056), visit its official website: https://irtic.uv.es/iceland-inv18/

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