ICELANDINV-18 the project that aims at uptaking the EN standard in the Icelandic eInvoicing framework

ICELANDINV-18 the project that aims at uptaking the EN standard in the Icelandic eInvoicing framework

04th April, 2019

We are glad to announce that the European Commission has approved ICELAND-INV18 (Uptaking the EN eInvoicing by public authorities in ICELAND), an eInvoicing project coordinated by Universitat de València (UVEG) with the collaboration of LMT Group. The corresponding call for this project is CEF-TC-2018-2 e-Invoicing.

The consortium of this project is a transnational association composed by thirteen entities from Iceland and Spain. Apart from the two Spanish participants, UVEG and LMT, among the Icelandic partners there is one competitive EDI Provider with an extensive range of electronic services offered around Europe, Unimaze, that will apply its significant expertise to help the other Icelandic public entities with the technical issues.

The main goal of this action is to update the ERP systems of the 8 Icelandic public entities by incorporating the Standard EN 16931 established by Directive 2014/55/EU, including both the UBL 2.1 and the CII syntaxes.

The objective is to update the Icelandic eInvoicing public services through the use of the eDelivery Access Points of the PEPPOL network and the SMP registration services, thus allowing the cross-border exchange of invoices. This Action will result in the deployment and promotion of eDelivery and eInvoicing services according to the specifications of the European Commission.

Another effect of this project is expected to be the creation of a central validation web service that will allow service providers, ERP implementers and other software companies to validate if their implementations meet the requirements of the EN standard.

For further information about this project co-financed by the European Commission (action number 2018-EU-IA-0056):

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