INEA has published the list of eInvoicing conformant solutions

INEA has published the list of eInvoicing conformant solutions

INEA has recently published in the CEF Digital website the list of eInvoicing conformant solutions. Note that this involves extra and different information to that of the eDelivery AS4 conformant solutions list, which was already published.

First, we would like to thank all those partners that have already proceeded to request their eInvoicing solution inclusion in the list. Additionally, we encourage all of the eInvoicing actions’ beneficiaries that might be interested, to follow the instructions in the CEF website to provide the requested data and then be included in this INEA’s list, along with its eInvoicing conformant solution.

In this sense, this could be of major interest for the partners of our action EURINV19 (Adopting the European Standard by using consolidated eInvoicing cloud platforms), co-funded by the European Commission through the CEF Telecom program (2019‐EU‐IA‐0037). The Consortium of this project is intensively working to update the eInvoicing cloud platforms of 5 relevant EDI providers (NetEDI (UK), Crediflow (Sweden), Qvalia (Sweden), Transalis (UK) and Easy Systems (Netherland)) to be fully compliant with the European eInvoicing standard (EN 16931); and also supporting the implementation of EN conformant eInvoicing solutions for 4 end-users (Trinity College (Ireland), Tatra Billing (Slovakia), Carrefour (France) and Althea (UK)).

Nowadays, the partners are performing the testing phase, which precedes the end of the action next April, 2021. To know more about Eurinv19, please visit its official website:

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