IRTIC coordinates the new European eInvoicing project EURINV19

IRTIC coordinates the new European eInvoicing project EURINV19

The Integrated Laboratory of Intelligent Systems and Technologies of Traffic Information (LISITT) of IRTIC (University of Valencia) is proud to present the EURINV19 – Adopting the European Standard by using consolidated eInvoicing cloud platforms (Action number 2019‐EU‐IA‐0037). EURINV19 Action has been approved by the European Commission during the last year CEF Telecom call. 

The IRTIC research group coordinates the project with the support of LMT Group and they have already started to work on the first project tasks. This collaboration will last about 18 months and it involves some relevant institutions from the public and private sectors from several European countries, namely the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Sweden, the Netherlands, Ireland and Slovakia.

The objective of EURINV19 Action is to support those companies providing EDI services thus fostering the consolidation of the European Standard (EN), which will be mandatory for all the public institutions since April 2020.

In this sense, the project will allow the beneficiary EDI suppliers and end-users in this consortium to implement their digital billing solutions to meet the requirements of the European standard in relation to international transactions. In particular, these are the involved entities:

EDI Providers: Elcom Systems Limited, United Kingdom; S.A.T.A. Applicazione Tecnologie Avanzate Srl, Italy; NetEDI Ltd, United Kingdom; GENERIX GROUP, France; Crediflow AB, Sweden; Qvalia Group AB, Sweden; Transalis Ltd, United Kingdom; EASY SYSTEMS B.V., The Netherlands; 

End-users: The Trinity College Dublin, Ireland; Tatra Billing, a.s., Slovakia (SATA’s customer); CARREFOUR ADMINISTRATIF, France (Generix’ customer); ALTHEA UK AND IRELAND LIMITED, United Kingdom (Elcom’s customer).

The improvements will adapt their solutions to comply with directive 2014/55/EU (eInvoicing Directive) and the legislation of the countries where they operate.

To know more about EURINV19, visit its official website: 

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