The EURINV19 project reaches the final implementation phase

The EURINV19 project reaches the final implementation phase

EURINV19 – Adopting the European Standard by using consolidated eInvoicing cloud platforms (Action number 2019‐EU‐IA‐0037), which started back in January 2020, is now in a quite advanced stage of its implementation.

The EURINV19 consortium held a meeting on Tuesday, 1st December, in which the milestones achieved so far and the following issues to consider until the completion of the project have been reviewed. The solutions provided by the action will be adapted to comply with the European eInvoicing directive and the legislation of the countries where their providers operate.

In this sense, the EURINV19 project is an initiative funded by the European Commission through the CEF Telecom program that will allow the EDI providers that are part of the consortium to implement their eInvoicing solutions. Therefore, they will be compliant with the requirements of the European standard in relation to international transactions.

Universitat de València in collaboration with LMT Group is guiding 5 relevant European Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) providers, namely NetEDI, Crediflow, Qvalia, Transalis and Easy Systems, in their way to update the electronic invoicing platforms to be fully compliant with the European eInvoicing standard (EN) required syntaxes (UBL and CII) as well as supporting the implementation of EN conformant eInvoicing solutions for 4 end-users, namely Trinity College, Tatra Billing (SATA’s customer), Carrefour (Generix’ customer) and Althea (Elcom’s customer). 

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