What can eID do for private companies?

What can eID do for private companies?

Nowadays, eID (set of services provided by the European Commission through the CEF program to enable the mutual recognition of national electronic identification schemes across borders) is truly transforming the way you can access online public services in other countries because, thanks to the eIDAS network, many national eID schemes are now mutually recognisable. This makes possible to use your national eID to access online public services in other EU countries, which reduces significantly the bureaucracy for European citizens, assuring at the same time, the interoperability, the security and trust and the streamline cross-border operations. You can learn more about the benefits of eID here.  

Based on this idea, but going one step further, the EUROLogin Action (Cross-border authentication in European cloud platforms according to the eIDAS Regulation), will integrate the eID DSI (Digital Service Infrastructure) into the systems of 3 private EDI Providers from Italy, Belgium and UK and 1 public university from Cyprus, that will be connected to 4 different eIDAS nodes. So, this will promote the update of eID platforms of different EDI providers, not only public but also private, in order to be aligned with the eIDAS European Regulation; will assure the security and reliability of the connection to several public and private electronic services using the national eID; and will improve the cross-border interaction between public administrations, private businesses and citizens; reinforcing as a result the Digital Single Market.

The EUROLogin Consortium, with the support of the technical coordination of LMT Group, is now performing the final testing phase, which makes the first use cases of eID in the private sector. This action, that will be completed as scheduled in March, 2021 is co-financed by the European Commission through the CEF program (Action number 2018-EU-IA-0026). 

To know more about the project, please visit: https://lmtgroup.eu/eurologin/

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