The largest level of CEF grant funding is awarded to eInvoicing actions

The largest level of CEF grant funding is awarded to eInvoicing actions

September 27th, 2019

In June 2019, INEA (Innovation & Networks Executive Agency) published “The Connecting Europe Facility: Five years supporting European infrastructure”, a brochure relevant to the CEF programme, focused specifically on the Transport, Energy and Telecom areas. It delved into CEF Building Blocks projects, which aim to support the cross-border interaction and communication (data exchange) between EU State Members’ institutions, businesses and citizens. 

Of the 128 actions that were funded through 16 CEF Telecom calls dedicated to Building Blocks, 42 corresponded to actions assisting the adoption of electronic invoicing European Standard by public entities. Furthermore, out of a total of €75.3 million that were granted within these calls, €27.6 million were given to the eInvoicing related projects, making it the recipient of the highest funding among all CEF Building blocks.

EURINV project, “Implementing the European Standard in consolidated eInvoicing cloud platforms” belongs to the eInvoicing Building Block and is co-financed and managed through the CEF-TC-2018-2 Call.

Coordinated by UPV (Universitat Politècnica de València) with the support of LMT group, the goal of this Action is to support the adoption of a European Standard (EN) compliant eInvoicing solution by 7 EDI providers and 2 use case institutions, distributed across 9 European countries (Belgium, Finland, Italy, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Ireland, Germany and Slovakia). Hence, furthering the uptake of the European Standard (EN) on eInvoicing by other Member States’ public and private institutions.

For further details, refer to the publication on CEF Website.

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