AS4EDI19: the cost of an eDelivery Access Point

AS4EDI19: the cost of an eDelivery Access Point

The eDelivery Access Points (APs) are promoted by the CEF eDelivery building block for the secure and interoperable exchange of data across the EU, as they implement a standardised message exchange protocol for establishing point-to-point connections and exchange data in a secure, reliable and fully interoperable way.

Thus, the European Commission has studied how much setting up and operating an eDelivery Access Point costs. As analysed, the approximate average cost (the Total Cost of Ownership) for a European Institution to set up and operate an eDelivery Access Point, that doesn’t use a custom connector plug-in, in a cross-border European project over a timeframe of two years, is 86.000€, although this cost can vary depending on the special characteristics of the project and the number of organisations concerned. More information about the costs analysis of an AP here.

The conclusions of this analysis have been made by the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Informatics (DIGIT), collecting data on the costs from projects carried out by EU Institutions and also from projects operating at national level with grant funding from the CEF Telecom programme, as is the case of our running action AS4EDI19.

AS4EDI19 – European EDI Providers integrating the AS4 eDelivery, co-financed by the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA) of the European Commision (CEF Telecom program – Action number 2019-EU-IA-0012), aims at promoting the use of the eDelivery DSI-Digital Service Infrastructure amongst private and public entities by integrating the AS4 messaging protocol in five certified PEPPOL Access Points from different member States, namely Sweden, Italy and Denmark. Now, the Consortium, coordinated by UVEG and technically supported by LMT Group, continues passing the CEF eDelivery Conformance Testing (those who are not using an already conformant solution) and the CEF eDelivery Connectivity Testing, to start after these the Interoperability tests and then going live with operational CEF conformant AS4 APs.

To know more about AS4EDI19, visit its official website:

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