The eID4Spain project was prepared and presented by Universitat de València (UVEG) in collaboration with LMT Group. It is aimed to connect the public electronic services provided by four regional and local Spanish administrations to the country´s eIDAS node, using the CL@VE 2.0 platform. This action will enable European citizens from diverse countries to use the electronic identification services provided by these entities, while meeting the guidelines of the eIDAS Regulation.

CL@VE 2.0 is the main Spanish e-government solution used by local, regional and national public electronic services to authenticate citizens, it uses the eIDAS node service as an incorporated functionality. While the four participant regional and local administrations are already connected to a previous version of the CL@VE platform, it is not linked to the eIDAS node, therefore, the eID4Spain Action will adapt the solutions to connect them to the most recent version of CL@VE, according to the new interfaces and requirements.

The resulting solutions will enable the e-services offered by these four Spanish local and regional authorities for cross- border authentication, supporting Spanish public authorities in meeting the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation and facilitating access to Spanish public e-services for all EU citizens and businesses using their national eID, and thus ensuring cross-border mobility, supporting and strengthening the Digital Single Market.


Adapt solutions to connect to CL@VE 2.0 according to the new interfaces and requirements

Support the accomplishment of the eIDAS regulation by Spanish public entities for ensure cross-border mobility

Facilitate the access to Spanish public e-services for all EU citivens and bussinesses using their national eID

Agreement number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2018/1633095
Action No: 2018-EU-IA-0039
Start date: 01/09/2018
Duration: 18 months

Grant: EUR 298,971

CEF programme and Grant Agreement managed by INEA, Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

Solution implemented on e-Identification CEF Building Block
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Project Coordination

Universitat de València acts as the coordinating institution of the eID4Spain project. It will be responsible of ensuring strategic and daily management of the administrative and financial tasks required for the project, guaranteeing an efficient and satisfactory outcome and quality of the completed tasks, always with the collaboration of all beneficiaries. It also contemplates the knowledge management, aiming the gather and organization of important information in order to asses compliance of the project deliverables. The technical coordination will be provided by LMT Group, in collaboration with the technical leaders of each participant, assisting them on technical issues during implementation.

Connection to CL@VE 2.0

The four regional and local authorities participating in this project are already connected to a previous version of CL@VE, the main platform used by the Spanish government entities for electronic identification, nevertheless this version it is not linked to the eIDAS node. In this sense, this activity aims to connect the participants’ eIdentification solutions to the 2.0 version of CL@VE, which has the eIDAS node service available as an incorporated functionality, therefore adapting the solutions, according to the interfaces and requirements needed.

Connection to the Spanish eIDAS node

In this activity, the participants´ eIdentification solutions will be adapted, always taking their own context and needs in account, to connect them to the Spanish eIDAS node through the previously mentioned CL@VE 2.0 platform. The results will enable these solutions to receive and process data from the different European Member States eIDAS nodes, allowing the authentication of citizens with their nationally issued eIDs, this will be possible for EU nationals using standardized authentication systems.

The following platforms (and their e-services) are covered by this action:

  • Sede Electrónica GOBEX of Junta de Extremadura
  • Portal CONNECTA VALÈNCIA of Diputació de València
  • Sede Electrónica CDR of Diputación de Ciudad Real
  • Sede Electrónica Rivas-Vaciamadrid of Ayuntamiento de Rivas Vaciamadrid

Conformance Tests

The development of the final conformance tests will be held in order to evaluate and assess the results of the project. These tests aim to guarantee the quality of the providers’ solutions, that will allow the cross-border authentication of European citizens, using nationally issued eIDS in the participant entities local and regional Spanish electronic platforms. The technical manager will run a whole implementation validation, certifying the quality of the results provided.

Project Dissemination

In addition of the creation of this website and the use of Social Networks as Twitter and LinkedIn, news related to the project´s progress will be published in the framework of this Dissemination Action, particulary by participants and generally by the consortium as a whole. The Consortium members will communicate the different milestones and results achieved and they will hold workshops focused in public entities and researchers interested in the eIdentification Building Block.

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S 01/09/2018

S 01/09/2018