EUROLogin: a new legislative rule will open the use of Belgian eIDAS node to the private sector

EUROLogin: a new legislative rule will open the use of Belgian eIDAS node to the private sector

The EUROLogin action (Cross-border authentication in European cloud platforms according to the eIDAS Regulation), finishing at the end of this month, has allowed the EDI Provider Billit to prepare the connection to the Belgian eIDAS node. Thus, Billit will become one of the first Belgian companies that will be able to request, receive and process the identification data received from its national eIDAS node under the eIDAS Regulation. Therefore, its services will be available for cross-border authentication and more accessible to all EU citizens and businesses who use their national eID hence ensuring the cross-border mobility and consequently supporting the deployment of the Digital Single Market. 

Thanks to the know-how achieved during EUROLogin execution, Billit has become the first, and up to this point only, test user of the FAS for the private sector in the QA (Quality Assurance) environment. As a quick reminder, via the Belgian Federal Authentication Service (FAS) individuals are authenticated so that they can access secure online government applications. But, this FAS service is currently in production only for public services and institutions. Billit will move the solution into the production environment once the legal base for opening the FAS to the private sector is established, probably during the next months.

This leadership assumed by Billit (mainly encouraged from EUROLogin Action) is specially relevant now that the Belgian Council of Ministers has approved a legislative rule project to generalize the use of the electronic identification means; opening them to private entities (see this news). Specifically, this project will execute a 2017 law which sets that, in order to access an online service offered by a non-public entity, an electronic identification scheme notified at European level by the Belgian administration may be used. 

To know more about the project EUROLogin, co-financed by the European Commission – INEA (CEF Telecom program, 2018-EU-IA-0026), please visit its official website: 

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