The EURINV eInvoicing project concluded soundly

The EURINV eInvoicing project concluded soundly

The EURINV project, which started back in April 2019, is concluding this month. The project was performed by a consortium of 12 institutions: Billit (Belgium), OpusCapita (Finland), S.A.T.A. (Italy) and Eckonomická Univerzita v Bratislave (Slovakia), Enxendra (Spain), Calvi (Netherlands), Generix (France), Celtrino and Dublin Simon (Ireland), and Webware (Germany), with Universitat Politècnica de València as coordinator and LMT Group as technical manager (both from Spain).

These beneficiaries worked through different stages such as the analysis of the technical and legal requirements needed for deployment, as well as the design of an EN conformant eInvoicing solution, concluding with the technical implementation and testing. As a result, their eInvoicing platforms comply with the European Directives 2014/55/EU, as well as the European Standard.

The EURINV project was conceived as an international initiative to promote the uptake of electronic invoicing, aiming also at unifying different digital processes in the European Union. A common standard for cross-border transactions represents a time-saving, secure, and efficient solution for procedures such as public procurement. In this context, the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency of the European Commission promotes a digital Europe through its CEF Telecom program, in which EURINV was approved and therefore co-financed by this institution.  

The participant EDI providers started to offer their clients an updated solution for all their business transactions. Additionally, the participant use cases are able to process eInvoices from other Member States. If you are interested in this and other projects managed by LMT, visit the official EURINV website: 

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