The Access Point Validation phase has been concluded

The Access Point Validation phase has been concluded

May 31st, 2019

As part of the activities established in the Work Plan of the POOL-TSPs project, the 10 EDI providers of the consortium have validated their PEPPOL Access Points in order to enable the use of the compulsory syntaxes designated by the European Standard and Directives (UBL 2.1 and CEFACT/CII). The involved Access Points obtained a test report demonstrating compliance with the requirements.

The test report shows that all mandatory specifications have been passed as required, and the AP is ready in production to send and receive compliant invoices. The test report generation is done through the CEF Platform.

This activity will prepare the participants for the next phase of testing: the cross-border exchange of invoices In this interoperability test phase, the participants will send and receive invoices among them, as well as a pilot project led by the beneficiary EDI Factory (Celtrino), involving the use case clients of the project. This pilot will be later replicated by each participant with their own customers.

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