The analysis phase of the EUROLogin project is now concluded

The analysis phase of the EUROLogin project is now concluded

November 22th, 2019

The EUROLogin project, that started in October 2018, has come a long way and the consortium has now completed the analysis phase of the Action. Billit, Goldman, S.A.T.A., and Elcom are the EDI providers that will benefit from this CEF Telecom funding, and therefore working towards achieving the main objectives of EUROLogin. The consortium is also integrated by the Project Coordinator, UPV, and LMT Group as the Technical Coordinator, resulting in an international association within Spain, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, and the United Kingdom. 

During the analysis stage, the participants studied all the necessary requirements within the eIDAS Regulation (at the European level), their corresponding national eIDAS node, as well as their own needs and context, in order to start the technical implementation of the project. LMT Group has assisted these EDI providers, supporting them with its previous technical expertise, and helping them to build a solid implementation strategy. The analysis stage of any project is one of the main phases the participants have to achieve, since it will give them ground bases to accomplish a sound technical implementation in the most efficient way. 

Electronic identification is a digital tool that will help citizens, companies, and public administrations to recognize entities and persons through their digital identity, which is safer and quicker than the paper or plastic ones. The European Commission, through its Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), manages the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) programs, in which eID is one of the main Building Blocks to accomplish the Europe of the future. 

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