The CEF eDelivery team is organizing a set of webinars

The CEF eDelivery team is organizing a set of webinars

The CEF eDelivery team is organizing a set of webinars

February 25th, 2019

The Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) team announced that several webinars are going to take place aiming to promote the benefits of the eDelivery Building Block on differents environments. This Building Block proposes the use of AS4 protocol to create a secure channel for the transmission of the documents and data by electronic means, over the internet or via private networks.

Webinars will be carried out on three different days, and they are meant for every role among the participants, aming to those related with eDelivery Building Block projects, technical teams and public and private sector stakeholders.

The first webinar will take place on the 28th of February, where the participants will have the opportunity to learn more about projects that implemented eDelivery thanks to CEF funding. On the 7th of March, the second webinar will be held, where the participants will have a chance to learn how to send a message using the AS4 protocol. Finally, the last webinar intended for the 27th of March, targeted lo inform about the benefits of the eDelivery, how it works and the services its implementation will provide.

Actually LMT Group is working in an CEF Telecom eDelivery project called AS4EU that aims to promote the use of the eDelivery DSI among private and public entities by implementing four PEPPOL Access Points, integrating the AS4 protocol.

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