LMT participates in the CEF eIdentification call 2018

LMT participates in the CEF eIdentification call 2018

LMT participates in the CEF eIdentification call 2018

May 15th, 2018

LMT Group has participated in the CEF eIdentification call (CEF-TC-2018-1) with two different competitive proposals: one with European EDI providers, and another one with Spanish public administrations. Both proposals have been submitted on May 15th.

The proposals have been developed according to the call’s requirements and objectives which are to ensure an effective and secure cross-border authentication of users from any Member State by using their own eID card.

On the one hand, the goal of the European project is to integrate the eIdentification in the existing cloud platforms of the different Member States to enable the required cross-border authentication. The consortium for this project is a transnational partnership (United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, Cyprus and Spain) supported by four relevant European Trust Service Providers (TPS) who are interested on implementing the eID in their cloud platforms/solutions. To do so, the IDAS nodes of each country have been contacted and received their confirmation and interest to support participants during the entire phases of the project implementation.

On the other hand, the national Spanish project is aimed to support local and regional Spanish public administrations in order to connect their electronic services through CL@VE 2.0 to the Spanish eIDAS node for identifying and authenticating European citizens from other Member States. This consortium is composed by four different types of public entities which will adapt their e-solution to start using the eIDAS node network.

All the consortium’s members from both projects have demonstrated a strong representation and expertise in this field, and have the necessary capability to develop the project guaranteeing long term sustainability.

Summing up, one of the main objectives of the CEF eIdentification is to increase the uptake and use of the eID DSI. For this reason, the European Commission had launched funded eID calls since 2014 through its CEF Telecom Programme to encourage both private and public entities to participate. The European funding for this call covers up to 75% of the implementation costs.

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