FACe – The core platform of the Spanish public authorities to process the European standard on electronic invoice. This project was coordinated by Universidad de Zaragoza and participated by LMT Group, the Spanish Government, several local authorities, among other participants.

The objective of this Action is to provide a central eInvoicing solution to all regional and local public authorities in Spain by using the European Standard (EN) on electronic invoice for cross-border transactions according to the Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement. This solution will meet the requirements set by this Directive and the eIDAS Regulation, including the semantic and syntactic interoperability associated to the EN.


Integration of invoice interchange map
in Spain maintaining the existing
procedures and connections.

Develop the map translation module in both directions, from the Spanish XML format Facturae to the European eInvoicing Standard required syntaxes.

Enhance eInvoincing
interoperability to ease the adoption of the e-Invoicing Regulation

INEA Action website:

Agreement number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2016/1330507
Action No: 2016-ES-IA-0117
Start date: 01/09/2017
Duration: 18 months
Grant: EUR 298,691

CEF programme and Grant Agreement managed by INEA, Innovation and Networks Executive Agency

Solution implemented on eInvoicing CEF Building Block
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  • Universidad de Zaragoza (UNIZAR), Spain (Coordinating Institution)
  • Diputación Provincial de Ciudad Real (Ciudad Real), Spain
  • Leading Management Technology S.L. (LMT), Spain
  • Universidad de Murcia (UM), Spain
  • Ministerio de Hacienda y Función Pública -SGAD (MINHAP), Spain
  • Organismo Autónomo de Informática del Ayuntamiento de Madrid (IAM), Spain
  • Universitat de València (UVEG), Spain

Main activities

Project Coordination

The objective of the project coordination aims to ensure strategic and everyday management of the action, as well as quality of the final results. This activity will be led by UNIZAR as the coordinating institution. This activity includes administrative and financial handling, technical support, knowledge management and quality assurance. The knowledge produced throughout the duration of the action will be organised, stored and disseminated in order to facilitate future implementations. Technical Management is provided by LMT in collaboration with the other beneficiaries, it consists in coordinating and assisting all beneficiaries on the technical bases related to their implementation, control of the technical work carried out in the related tasks for achieving the project objectives, among others.

Project Implementation

After analysing the legal background, European directives and regulations related to eInvoicing that need to be followed for the implementation, the different phases of it will be executed. First of all, a map translation module will be developed with the objective of providing bidirectional translations from the different invoice formats, platforms and syntaxes used by both the Spanish authorities (XML through Facturae) and the European Norm (UBL and CII). In the second phase of this activity, the FACe platform will be updated by incorporating the aforementioned translation module, thus enabling the use of data from the electronic invoices in the UBL and CII syntaxes to generate the equivalent file in Facturae, allowing public Spanish entities to use their existing systems.

Conformance Tests

The conformance tests seek to guarantee the quality of the results obtained during implementation, allowing providers to start using the CEF eInvoicing Building Block. In this activity the results of the previous activities will be examined to verify the successful execution of the actions, emphasizing in the proper meeting of the European Standard by all the participants of the consortium, including those beneficiaries taking part as use cases. The beneficiaries will also have their eInvoicing solutions validated through the passing of the EU core service platform conformance tests.

Project Dissemination

The goal of this activity is the dissemination and exploitation of the project results, stressing the advantages of using FACe and the EN to exchange electronic invoices. The technical manager will define a strategic communication plan focused on researchers, entities and other stakeholders interested on the European eInvoicing Building Block and the European Standard. An official website was created by the Universidad de Zaragoza and it is being constantly updated with news concerning to the project´s progress.

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